Strength 💪🏽 Part II

...I completely broke down in tears and let out all the hurt and pain that I had bottled up for soooo long! I had somehow been blaming myself, as if I could have changed people but it is time to let go. She said something that really resonated and stuck, "God is a fair and... Continue Reading →


Strength 💪🏽

So I am going to take a bit of a detour from my last post, so sorry guys! ☹️ On Monday Ceddy went to the ER because he was running a very high temperature, after being admitted Monday afternoon, he was put on a ventilator and transported to ICU on Tuesday morning, for what they... Continue Reading →


I took a very loooong break to gather my thoughts and "soul search" if you will. I was reminded today that this blog is my opportunity to tell my story even when I am going through. This past year has been very trying and challenging in our relationship and I wish to be very transparent... Continue Reading →

A Better ME!

Since school has started, i'm constantly faced with the same question, "How do you do it girl?" One simple answer, AGAPE! God has really blessed me with the knowledge of what real love is. He's shown and given me a love that's so true and never waivers. Because of that I know how to love... Continue Reading →

I’m BACK!!

So sorry for my absence, with the summer ending, ceddy's birthday weekend, and school approaching i've been all over the place. Not to mention trying to get this vehicle situation settled. This task has been the hardest to tackle and it's extremely frustrating. To most getting a vehicle is a no brainer, especially when it's... Continue Reading →

Expecting… A Miracle

"Oh my goodness, are you having a boy or a girl?" How exciting to answer questions like these? You smile and maybe rub your stomach to answer while looking down or even at your spouse. Some more than others, long to answer questions such as this. For anybody with paralysis, the question now becomes, "Can... Continue Reading →

What we wish we could say 

"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to stare?"  My fiancé was in a motorcycle accident, leaving him paralyzed, he's gone from an ordinary hunk to a quadriplegic hunk, if you ask me. But the stares we get are almost bothersome! I thank God for the Jesus that lives inside of us and allows us... Continue Reading →

Wheel B OK

"UMMMMM, can I help you?" The words that I want to say but I know it's not the right thing to do. Some people just weren't raised the way I was, not to stare. A couple our age turns a lot of heads but a couple our age, where one of us is in a wheelchair... Continue Reading →


Hey there!!! My name is Natasha. This is my first time blogging, so please bare with me as I attempt to kick this off the ground. Some of you may already know my fiancé, Cedrick, who was in a motorcycle accident a little over a year ago. An unexpected accident that has now left him "paralyzed"... Continue Reading →

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